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Bats of Prague – help, catching, consultancy,organizing of educational events


What we provide:

Telephone lines for the calls in english: +420 728 504 240, +420 777 648 098


Statutoryrepresentative: Ing. Dagmar Zieglerová, director

Committee members: director Ing. Dagmar Zieglerová, financial manager Mgr. Anna Bláhová, member Mgr. Helena Jahelková, PhD.

Area of coverage: area of the city of Prague and its outskirts

The basic organization of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) Nyctalus was founded in June of 2006. We are an association of volunteers who do all the activities in their freetime. Members of ČSOP are mostly young zoologists, students or graduates of Faculty ofScience of the Charles University, Department of Zoology.

We are concerned with conservation of bats, especially with care for the bats rescued from all over the city of Prague as well as with taking care of handicapped bats for the means of general public education, mostly in the form of theInternational Bat Nights or other public events (for example the European Day of Parks, the Day of Animals). We participate in scientific research programs of ČESON (The Czech Bat Conservation Society) and Faculty of Science of the Charles University, we cooperate with the Prague city council and with the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. We have been cooperating with the AVES animal rescue station in Brandýsek near Kladno since 2009. We have also been an accredited educational eco-center of ČSOP „NYCTALUS“ since 2010.

We are funding our activities mostly from subsidies (for example by the means of the National Program for The Preservation of Biodiversity project of ČSOP, or from grants of the capital city of Prague), from donations and providing of our services.